From the Intercom

Creating a magazine, brand, and site for a blog that champions Asian/Anglo-Asian art in entertainment

From the Intercom is an online blog that began in 2018 as an effort to highlight Asian/Anglo-Asian creators in film, music, and other creative industries. We interview artists, attend film festivals, review songs/albums, highlight new releases, and more.

When I joined as a designer, my mission was to create a recognizable brand for the site as well as experiment with additional mediums in which we could get our message across.

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Posters

I created posters from a series of interviews we did at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival with actors, directors, and producers. My goal was to have each poster highlight a particular film but also feel a part of a collection.

Mood Board

In brainstorming a new brand for From the Intercom, I created a mood board for inspiration. The board is a collection of films, sites, art, albums covers, colors, and other random visuals.

See the full mood board here.

New Brand

Below are some abstract graphics and typography I used to created and express the ideas of the new brand for From the Intercom. I wanted something simple yet expressive, the design is inspired by the shape of Cyrillic, Greek, and Latin scripts which I enlarged and overlayed against various backgrounds.

From the Intercom Magazine - Issue 01

I applied this new brand to a magazine I created to celebrate the blog's 1st anniversary as well as other promo material. We compiled a collection of our favourites reviews, stories, and interviews in a single magazine.

You can order the full magazine here, we also sell them in a few record stores.

What's next?

I recently updated our website with a cleaner, simpler design - I want to apply the new brand to the site next. I also want to start on Issue 02 which we intend to be more experimental in both design and content.

I am also applying our new brand to all future material, examples are shown below:


Thank you to my friend Li-Wei Chu for expanding my music taste, who leads and writes almost everything at From the Intercom and whose writing output is extraordinary in both quality and quantity.