Derrek Chow is an inventor and artist

He is currently creating immersive light experiences and novel input devices


Lost Searchlights

Process: An Audiovisual Experiment

Synaptic Resonance

Slay the Runway

Light on Clear Plastic Bag

Body, Light, Space



Out of Bounds

ATLAS Tower Lights

Face Sketches

SCOBY Breastplate

The SwissBall


The Hapstrument

Hackathon Projects

Creative Coding

From the Intercom


Derrek Chow is an inventor and artist from Toronto, Canada exploring how computers can enable new forms of interaction and experience. Using design and technology as tools of inquiry, he creates experiential works that sit between media such as artifact, installation, and performance.

Derrek conducted research in Human-Computer Interaction at the ACME Lab in the ATLAS Institute and the NTU HCI Lab in National Taiwan University. He was a designer at RNDR.


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