Process: An Audiovisual Experiment


Derrek Chow and Sean Winters invite you to experience their work-in-process, in which the artists projection-map abstract imagery on a large sculpture with tightly correlated audio diffused on the ATLAS B2's immersive 44 channel sound system. This work in pro[gr/c]ess explores the probing of technical audiovisual production toolsets and the resulting poetics of technology.


Process: An Audiovisual Experiment. B2 Center for Media, Arts & Performance. Boulder, CO, United States. August 23, 2022.


Visuals, Editing: Derrek Chow
Sound: Sean Winters
Sculpture: Sean Winters, Kevin Sweet
Photography: Elodie Thelliez
Location: B2 Center for Media, Arts & Performance

© Derrek Chow 2022